how to add people to group pms

I don’t no how to add people to pm

You click the invite button down the bottom then add there username. Like this.

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where is the invite botton

Next to bookmark and reply on the very far left.

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no there is not

Hmm I’m not sure sorry. Maybe only regulars can do it that way. I think if you edit the PM you can add people in that way.

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Maybe only regulars can

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so what do I do to add someone

If you want to add me in, I could add someone then leave.

who do I add you

You should see an ‘invite others’ option in your message tab I believe.


I don’t see it

I believe it’s because you’re a basic user.

how do I become a regular @Carson

Check this out


I have done all that

I don’t think a ‘regular’ title is required, just need to be a ‘member’.

Have a look through the ‘badges’ section on your profile and see if you can comeplete a few, this usually boosts your title.


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