How to add #feature on IFC

hey guys, I can’t figure out how to add a feature in IFC let alone if I can?

The only thing you can do is vote for one at the moment. Mind you, Infinite Flight’s hiring process is very competitive and restrictive.


In order to post in the #features category you must be TL2: Member. You are currently T1: Basic User, therefore unable to create a post in the #features category.

Be sure to keep being active and contributing in an overall positive manner and you’ll reach TL2: Member in no time.

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I better send them my updated resume ;)


how do I send in a resume or apply for IF

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Here’s how! Oh, and be sure to send it in an email to:

…while walking uphill, both ways on one foot, while coding a 3rd party accessory app with the other.

Are you… trying to get a job? Or just trying to sign up for the game…

If you want a job, you must be active on the community all the time, and eventually, if a staff member notices you, you may be able to get a job.

Most of the people who work at IF as staff are masters at coding, and can code full websites and apps. If you’re up for it, and you develop enough 3rd party apps, they may bring you on.

In other words, make a lot of positive contributions to your community on a regular basis and you may end up getting noticed!

Oh. I see where you’re going here. Apologies. To post on the forum in the features category, build your trust level by being an active forum member as per @Declan_O’s reply above. All you gotta do is engage in any good or cool looking discussion you find.

And as a word of advice when posting features, be sure to SEARCH for duplicates before posting.

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Please see the information posted below. As I have linked in your prior posts, you can vote for your feature request, but there is no need to create another one as there is already a feature request that exists. The developers take community input seriously and periodically go through requests with large amounts of votes and consider adding them into the simulator.