How to Add Custom Bullet Points

Hi guys, was just scrolling through a few Topic when I saw something new.

It was an ad for a VA and they used their own custom bullet points. Just wondering if this is with HTML or something else.


Pretty sure the images are just shrunk down. Just adjust the dimensions of an image you upload ;)

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Uh he is talking about the leaf. Yes @anon31652286 most likely is correct. It is very well put together VA thread, very professional looking.


Like this

image words words words


I’m the Vice President of UPS Virtual, and I have the same thing on my thread.

It’s nothing more than really small pictures. You can take a picture of your logo, find any image resizer online, and shrink the image to less than 50x50 pixels and you’ll get the same effect. I actually did that with the UPS logo and ranks. Check it out:

If you need help with it, send me a DM. I’d be happy to assist you!

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In all saying, those are just “pictures” that you copy and paste into the thread.

Testing this out.

EDIT: Didn’t work, I thought I knew how to do this, I guess not!

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Your image is too large to do it. Try with a smaller image.

You have to manually change the size in the photo file information in the reply box. 👇


i.e. 500x252

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Try using that link… You just upload your photo, scroll down until you see the resize option, then type in the dimensions you want. You can preview it before saving it, too. That’s what I used on the UPS Thread

IMG_0087 This is a good example. It’s 30px * 30px

Saab AB


Our inventory:

Saab 9-3 Aero 2.0T

So cute :3

I learned something today! Thanks :)

saab-logo%20(2) Saab AB

I did try that, I’ll try it again.


Nope, not again. I’ll try to figure it out later

“[details=“enter text”] enter body of drop down [details/]”

Don’t use the quotes at the beginning and end. I did that so you could see it.

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Thanks to all of you for your help! I was asleep during your replies, so, I’m sorry that I don’t get a chance to respond.

it worked

I’ll go ahead and try.

Hey it worked!

image did it work?


If you’re getting that weird stretching, try just adjusting the height and it should look perfect.