How to add black bar at the bottom?

Does anyone see the little black bar at the bottom? I took this pic from a YouTube video. How can I add this? Thanks

That is an old version of the game, so you can’t get that black bar anymore.

It’s the old Version off the actual transparent bar
(The New give you more Informations about your flight)

Oh okay. Thank you

Thanks man

What phone/ version is this? @Swang007 this isn’t pirated is it?

Wait, the thin black bar at the bottom, or the menu bar that is displaying the message “NO MESSAGES” in the picture?

The one where it says “No Messages”. And no, you cannot get this back due to the fact that it is an earlier version. Just keep up with the latest version, it’s the better one ;)

Doesn’t look pirated, just a really old version of the sim


Not that old.
If I remember correctly that was IF from version 1.13 until 15.04 (November 2013 - April 2015).

Meh, 8 months doesn’t go by fast

And he said he found it from a youtube vid so…