How To Add A vaBase API To A Website

Me and @Zachary are working on the @elal-virtual new website and we want to know how to add the vaBase functions to our Wix website. Please help us… Thanks!!!


Honestly a VABASE crew centre by itself is a piece of “artwork”. Integrating it to another website will makes things more confusing and complicated for pilots.

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Thanks for the info!

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Does anyone else know what to actually do?

Also, does anyone have contact with Myles, who runs the company?

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DM me in LYVA please.

VA base itself it’s a website I don’t think you will need a wix website if you have VA Base. Contact @easyWig @anon71974898 or @Darragh_ODonoghue they all have VA base

Thanks for your help, but we decided not to go with it. We are going to make our own thing instead.

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I doubt you can add it there. Maybe you can but it’ll need some experience.

Can you use your own php html and CSS files in wix?

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