How to add a line

Hey guys,

I’m quite sure this is already a topic but I can’t seem to find it.

I’ve seen lines across threads to help with formatting, any idea how to do it?

Something like this: 52%20PM

To add a line simply put together three —

This post will help you understand better:

Or just type < hr > (without spaces)

I have no idea how to do it!

Chech the post I linked above
And type that or < hr > (no spaces)

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Should be like this without the quotes


To get a long line, simply put 3 dashes.

To find out more, simply go to:

How to use the IFC

For specific matters, topics like this shouldn’t really be made, to be fair. But if you are new to the IFC, that’s ok, but in general, users should see that topic second after seeing the general “Welcome to the IFC” topic.

This would also be something to PM moderators about. No need to post a topic. :)


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Just to sum up, check here:


Ok we don’t have to post links 3 times :) feel free to delete that xD