How to "Actually" Santos Dumont Airport

Well after being fired from Emirates, I decided to go with a little less strict charter airline. I mean I’m still TECHNICALLY flying for them so I didn’t mess it up too bad.

Flight Info:

Route: My client prefers I don’t say
Flight time, take a guess
Aircraft/Livery: USE YOUR EYES!
Server: Still Not expert

Image 1: Well Time to start the descent from like 5000, to 500. at -5000 FPM…

Image 2: I am doing really well right now, going perfectly. No, I am not overspeeding

Image 3: OK, I might have put the gear down and flaps down to slow down. Maybe a slight bank angle warning

Image 4: Everything is fine! I AM PERFECTLY FINE!!!

Image 5: Steep short final…

Image 6: landed and running out of runway!

Image 7: ok time drift… Yes I did do it

Image 8: Nice still have room to stop, and become a high-intensity G-force training ride!

Image 9: Ok so I taxied to parking and no gate fit me, soooooooooo I made my own new gate.

Well, that’s all once again, still not fired, and still on my 3rd airline. If I get fired next time, I might go fly for Ryanair.

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The most accuarate procedures ever! Brilliant :)


Professional back at it again

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you should do Saba next!


Wyatt 😡 this is gonna make Juegos rise from his grave (aka his permaban)

NOOOOOO, he will not.

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  • Ik the passengers enjoyed the G’s AGAIN
  • Very Smooth landing and perfect landing

Not bad enough, should’ve landed on 20R🤣

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lol I like these kinds of topics :)

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Thank you!

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Uh, I’ll take a hard pass on that

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That’s the point🤣

Maybe at another date

Wait till you see what I have going for today.