How to activate APPR

It looks like you’re not intercepting properly. See this video.

So you disengaged GPS NAV, changed heading manually then engaged APPR? Am I missing something?

That is one way to do it, yes. The other way is to create a FPL that intercepts the localizer for the runway you intend on using so you can just easily switch from GPS to NAV 1 source.

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mine doesn’t work when i activate appr it starts ascending

Could you possibly upload a video to YouTube then share it here so we could visualize what you mean?

okay i’ll send you the link soon

So the way APPR works is that the ALT you have it set to, it will continue to descend until it reaches that altitude. Then once you reach that altitude it will attempt to intercept the glideslope.

I can tell from the callout that 3000ft is below the airport’s elevation. So to intercept properly you’ll need to set the altitude to a more proper altitude so the APPR can initiate after it reaches that altitude.

So in that scenario, APPR never even got a chance to turn on, it was still descending to 3000ft MSL.

thanks. when should i start descending??

If you are for example, trying to land at EGLL. You’d intercept at the end of the approach cone (depicted on the map), at 3000ft MSL. Once you set the final heading you’d use to intercept the localizer, then you’d turn on APPR. APPR would capture the localizer then shortly thereafter would it descend with the glideslope.

thanks for the help.

does it mean the plane will land itself

Yes, but you need to adjust the speed manually.

okay appreciate the help