How to activate APPR

Hello @ItsinziAir,

What device do you use and what version of Infinite Flight do you have? The most recent update 19.4?

Indeed this is confusing but it is well layed out here.

I have seen a lot of posts about how this is “negative”, but people ask for realism, they get it, they complain. Just learn it here!

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Check out this post and the #tutorials category on the forum for more information. Have fun with the update! :)

Hello good afternoon guys When I try to use the ILS approach on Airbus 320 and 321, the plane sways too much, someone could explain to me why it usually happens

didnt think it happened on the a320, but ig the a321 APPR glitch was not fixed in this update :(

it’s a known bug, and i’ve stop using the a321 since I cant land manually lol

Your description of the problem you are experiencing is too vague and broad too make assumptions as to what the problem is, with little details. I would suggest creating a detailed #general topic to hash it out with other community members so they can help you figure out what the issue is.

The way the buttons for controlling the plane are set up in this new update are such a hassle just like this way to activate approach. This adds alot more time and is annoying when doing a flight. Is their anyway I can start a voting process to get the old way back of how the controls were setup? Or is their already a voting process going on?

Doubt that would happen. Don’t really see what is so confusing about it. Have you checked out any of the tutorials? They lay it out pretty well, so far no issues here

Hi, I saw the video above and I tried on my side. After struggling for a while I figured out that APPR does not work if ALT is switched on in AP.
Maybe you could add a small step in the procedure (before engaging APPR make sure VS and HDG are switched on and ALT is switched off in AP settings). Could you please confirm my finding?

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Hello, I’ll add that. A big message will pop up though when you go to click APPR that you need to have VS enabled.

Yes I saw that but it says nothing about ALT and it’s quite confusing. To be complete message should say: switch on VS and HDG and turn off ALT before using APPR (or even better it should do those settings automatically…)
Thanks a lot.

You do not need HDG autopilot enabled, just VS at minimum.

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I followed these steps with the A318 and successfully autolanded into KSFB (Orlando Sanford International Airport) on runway ILS 9L!

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I have a question - NAV1 when set to the ILS of the desired runway and engaged, always takes you directly towards the field but not the localiser, or am I not engaging it correctly?

You probably don’t have something set up right or you didn’t intercept properly.

I know I’m a bit late but thank you very much

It’s not my birthday but you’re welcome! :)

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Oh ok lol sorry

Here the course that it took me on when I selected nav1 mode set for 23R at EDDL. As you can see it took me on a course to intercept around 4nm from the runway. Should it be earlier than that?