How to activate APPR

Here is a step by step check list to use to activate auto-approach (APPR). It’s a much more detailed and realistic procedure now, in comparison to the past iteration.

The only type of approach you can use auto-approach for is an ILS approach. Once you are within 27nm of your destination, you will need to do the following to tune to the ILS frequency to gain the ability to activate auto-approach.

  1. Click the airport to show more information
  2. Go to runways
  3. Click the runway that you’d like to land on. If it doesn’t have an ILS frequency then you won’t be able to use auto-approach because that’s the only approach that supports auto-approach.
  4. Click “Set NAV 1”
  5. Open the NAV tab
  6. Set the NAV source to NAV 1
  7. Make sure the radial matches runway heading, it should do that automatically
  8. Click AP ON (assuming you have the AP on)
  9. Click APPR NAV
  10. Click APPR when you’d like to activate auto-approach. (You need to have VS AP on)

It will be very important that you plan beforehand when attempting any approach, but especially an ILS approach. Know the runway heading and check the approach plate for that approach. Be prepared so your workload is low when you get to that critical phase, within 27nm of the airport.

See this tutorial here for a visual example.


Thank you so much for the tutorial! There has been so many topics asking about it lately, it’s the perfect time to post this. I’ll use this for sure. Thank you @Trio!


No problem! I wrote this somewhere else but it made more sense to have it be it’s own topic.


Yeah for sure. Thank you again!

Yay! I was about to suggest making it a topic after quoting it twice in the last 15 mins.

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I’m loving the new layout, it’s not that complicated once you get used to it. It looks like the aggressive banks upon APPR activation are back though. I remember they fixed this awhile ago. Anyone have suggestions for this?

Once again wouldn’t this divert you from your initial radial. For me I am on source GPS and tune into NAV1. This keeps me on my heading and then I engage APPR. The NAV1 source just moves you to the beginning of the runway in a strange fashion

If you have NAV AP on then yes it will, from what I’ve found. Do not have NAV AP on, hand fly or use HDG ALT SPD AP, or have a FPL that intercepts the ILS you plan on using so you can go from GPS to NAV 1.

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Mhm. You mean you don’t actually have to change source right?

You do you have to set it to NAV1/2

Click on airport. Press runways. Choose runway. In the bottom right you can select either one

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  1. Tutorial about how to disable crazy APPR will be two weeks later :)

@Trio thanks for that! I made a russian version for my mates!

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I’m making a video of me intercepting, it’s the same procedure pretty much as in the Navigation tutorial video though.

Here’s a video of me going from GPS source autopilot > HDG autopilot > NAV 1 autopilot APPR, ILS for 09R.


I’ll try it out

@Trio I did some testing. There is a simpler way to engage APPR. So say I have waypoints leading me to the localizer intercept. I‘m flying NAV source GPS. The waypoints result in me turning so that I’m at a 30 degree angle to the localizer, yet still 8nm away from intercept. What I would do is instead of using HDG and all that stuff, do something way simpler. So I’m landing 27R at Heathrow. I click onto Heathrow and tune in NAV1 for the ILS 27R. After this, I just change my current NAV to APPR instead, not needing to change anything such as source or whatever. The source can remain in GPS and everything may stay the same.


Yes, that is the other option I layed out in this post. Whatever works.

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Gréât tutoriel. The thing is my screen doesn’t come with all these NAV1 NAV2 etc

Which plane are you in? And which system : I am with IOS on iPAD


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Thanks @Trio, this was so needed. It’s complicated, but I can get used to it, just gotta get back in the swing of things with this new UI.

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