How to Activate a Thrust Reverser Glitch

Hello Infinite Flight Community! Today I discovered a thrust reverser glitch that can be used on most planes on IF. It allows you to use thrust reverse to go backwards at high speeds while on the ground! Moderators, feel free to close this if you think this isn’t an appropriate topic. Anyways, let’s get into it!

Important Note

This glitch can only be done on the solo server (thankfully). If you try it on an online server, it will not work.

Steps to activate this glitch

STEP 1: Land at an airport (in an aircraft equipped with thrust reverse) and use thrust reverse to slow down.

STEP 2 Once you slow to 30kts and the game prevents you from using thrust reverse anymore, click the pause menu and rewind to 15 seconds ago.

STEP 3: After rewinding 15 seconds, you should still be on the runway with thrust reversers activated, but this time, the game has thrust reverse automatically on without your finger needing to be on the screen. DO NOT adjust your power setting from this point on.

STEP 4: Raise your flaps and deactivate your spoilers, and turn off your auto brakes to be able to go the fastest possible speeds.

STEP 5: Sit back and relax while you watch your plane zoom backwards.

Other Notes

  • If/when your aircraft reaches Mach 1 going backwards, it will flip and you will crash

  • Lower your wait to reach higher speeds

  • Rudder no longer functions once you reach about 100kts

Have Fun!


Please don’t patch this it’s fun

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I agree, it’s very fun to mess around with.

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That they should fix is reverse thrust showing up on aircraft at the gate, on multiplayer. Even though its actually off.

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and a false info, not recommended anyway (do a race with your friends on casual 🤭)

There is a really easier maner to do it but I won’t show it because it can be dangerous if someone use it on expert


Well…. Then maybe don’t activate reverse thrusters, then open the ATC menu or map while keeping your finger on reverse thrust, and then lifting your finger up and then close the ATC menu or map

potato quality due to file size restrictions

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