How to access the Infinite Flight Community on IOS more conveniently

I personally prefer this system I just shown anyway as it requires 0 need for storage while yours does despite doing the exact same thing, anyway as I said, we all do things differently.

My comment was in response to N801VP but on android i use both, the app and this method.


Fair enough, apologies for that👍

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I definitely can add bookmarks to homescreen on my old IOS devices. Maybe it will open in safari though. Don’t know.

Thanks a ton for this! My school blocks Google on our personal devices so I either have to use a VPN or use a direct link to the website. This will definitely be easier.

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Nice tutorial. I’ll stick to using the app though.

It was my plesure to help👍

Im afraid there is no IFC app.

The DiscourseHub app. I know there’s no IFC app

I would reccomend this method personally as it does literally the exact same thing while taking up no storage.

I have 512GB. The app is nothing against my space

Well its better than nothing :)

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