How to access the cabin of IF aircraft?

hey everyone, I was really wondering how we access the cabin of IF planes, no matter how I try, it doesn’t work, if someone could tell me, it would be really helpful.


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Hi head over to the free cam and there are options to do exterior cam and interior cam. Theses are fixed cams that you can move to see the cabin. Hope that helped


thanks a lot, I’ll try it now lol

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I’m sorry, I still can’t , I can only see the white of the 717

Not all aircraft have a cabin. For example, CRJ’s have a full cabin. 777 have a partial one

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how about the 717?

717, does not. All none reworked aircraft don’t have a cabin.

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The 717 has interior seats along with the CRJ

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ooh, thanks for the info, bcs in one vid Swiss001 accessed the cabin or smth, so I wanted to try lol

Oh, really does it @Kamryn? Shows how rarely I fly that peace of wood


I have only flown it 3 times in my lifetime

lmao, I’m more interested in the 737

Unfortunately, the 737 doesn’t have a cabin (in IF. 😅)

Most people don’t know this, but it actually has a cabin.

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Ye realized that already my bad


How do you access it? I heard there’s a way to glitch into it

Not a glitch just free cam

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It won’t let me :(

What do you mean it won’t let you?

Wdym just take the feee cam and put on in the cabin I’ll send a video

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- YouTube @AvChicken

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