How this game helped me go through panic attacks

This game is incredible it helped go though COVID-19 and my panic attacks I love this game and I love the developers keep up the good work ❤️


I agree, it definitely helped me through the first and second lockdowns here in Canada as well as my anxiety. I’ve met a lot of awesome people along the way here on the IFC, and even joined a VA! If you ever need to talk you can shoot me a message as well as many other amazing people on the IFC.

Check out this topic, and my reply - which is very fitting to your post:

How to look out for others within the IFC

Be well, always remember to breathe, and that you can only live life one day at a time.


I honestly get more panic attacks in the Sim then in real life, but u do u 🤣


Haha, tell me about it 😉

It always happens to me on long flights 🤣

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