How this game Coding

What type of coding do you use did built this game

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OK just want to know what what type of Tool and software to create this game

They code in C#


I mean there are individuals who do know. It would be best to wait for their reply. If you don’t know the answer, probably a good idea to not respond so we don’t clog the thread


I think Apple apps are coded in Swift? I’m not sure as idk computer science

I can say this that the airports are created using World Editor which is found on the X-plane developers site. You can also watch youtube videos of the infinite flight airport editing team for learning more on this.
Link: Complete Airport Editing Tutorial - YouTube
This above link is for the airport editing tutorial.

i think they use C++ and some other things

As answered on your previous topic ;)

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To elaborate a little on what Asher said, the game itself is coded in C# (pronounced see-sharp) using Xamarin (pronounced zam-ar-in).

The multiplayer servers are also in C# and run on Windows servers but are in the process of being ported to .NET Core so they can run on Linux. They use the PostgreSQL (pronounced post-gres-que-el) database for storing user and stats data. Most of the multiplayer data is kept in a caching engine called Redis.

Aircraft and Scenery data is downloaded via a global Content Delivery Network (CDN). This is provided by Cloudflare who I believe use C and C++. Cloudflare also protects all websites and RESTful APIs that IF exposes to the internet.

The Infinite Flight website, user guide, and internal dashboard are written in JavaScript using Next.js and React. These sites call an API that is written in C# using ASP.NET Core. The app also calls APIs written in the same way.

The IFC is powered by Discourse which is written in Ruby and is backed by PostgreSQL.

Hope this answers your question 😁

Sources: Most of it’s easily available if you know where to look. Some stuff from Cam.


That’s a fascinating explanation that I don’t understand at all


Alright here’s a bit of an explanation.

Programming language by Microsoft.

Platform for creating apps with C#

A way to run C# on Windows, Mac, or Linux

A database. Databases store data permanently. Most database engines (including Postgres) run a “database server” in a server, there are multiple databases or DBs, these DBs are completely separate. Within each of these DBs you have any number of “tables”.
These are just like tables in Word, they have rows and columns. The difference is there’s also the ability to enforce rules on what can be in what column and what has to be unique. These tables can interact. For example, I might have a table to store all users in an application, and then another table to store posts. Each post has a user attached to it - the person who posted it. This user can be retrieved at the same time the post is retrieved. There’s a lot more to it, but that’s the idea.

Redis is a very popular cache. A cache is somewhere you put some data temporarily (most of the time) to retrieve it quickly. For example, if a website is getting lots of requests for the posts for a user, it will cache those posts. The cache works in memory (in comparison to the database which is on your disk) so it’s super fast. Redis has a lot of cool features like expiry times for cached items, and different databases of cached items so you could cache posts in one database, and maybe messages in another.

Another programming language. JS is made for the web (runs in browsers) but can also run on servers using a thing called NodeJS.

Just a way to code websites. Modern websites.

Just a way to get data on an application.

Like .NET Core, but for building web apps. Since the IF API runs on the web (called a RESTful API) it uses ASP.NET Core.

Yet another programming language.


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