How the times have changed…

Hello, IFC! Did you know that Airbus actually had two different prototypes for the a320 winglets? In 2014, they tested one of the two, (the one that turned to be unsuccessful) on a JetBlue a320 with the registration of
F-WWDL! Take a look at this picture, and you will be amazed! The winglets almost looks fake!



I was about to say those winglets look fake

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At least those aren’t the ones that were picked they look so funny

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That looks weird af

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Looks like the ones we already have in the sim. The devs must have been using the wrong pictures when they were making the sharklets on the a320 family

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@DeerCrusher, looks like the Enhanced wingtips for the E175 (and the Challenger 350’s) have a challenger

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If anyone wants a little more ugliness…

In addition, here are 2 other sharklet designs:

  1. Ever wondered what an A320 would look like with A220 winglets?

  1. An A320 with Scimitar winglets? Airbus got you covered!


jeez how many wiglets did they experiment with?


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