How the Q400 got me into Trouble

Let me just say in May I’ll be 50, being said, even after 20 years of a USAF career with a TS+ clearance, PRP monitored and at one time had the keys to unleash hell that makes ragnarok look tame; I can do some stupid things in game.

I’ve got 7 violations total with over 800k flight hours, 677 flights and 680 landings; all for over speed and all for…you guessed it, the Q400.

It usually happens when while flying along, the ye ol girlfriend starts trying to talk to me at the same time or she needs help getting the groceries in, or take out the trash …eesh lady can’t you see I got more important things to do like fly this plane!

Well the latest was flying the Q into SEATAC, no one was around so I said WTF, let’s do something stupid … again

No, there was no violations and technically no rules broken but in RL there would have been an NTSB investigation lol.

I got side tracked and had to feed a cat, did I end the game mid flight? He’ll no! Did I miss my TOD? Yes! So, had there been other players around I would have done an orbital descent at a hold point, probably not a correct term for the slow corkscrew descent for a proper approach…

What did I do instead? I negative G’d that b!t©h lol barely keeping it below 250 KIAS. No flaps (because in reality they’d just blown off hitting some poor shmucks car at terminal velocity) assuming that I would actually still have wings; that if I did, they’d flex like an Imperial shuttle from Star Wars

So as I get near the altitude that I’m supposed to be at, I’m able to flare and do a no flap landing at the paddles doing 150 KIAS! I get a butter landing with clapping thanks to Infinite Assistant. Reverse Props then brake, that would have probably caught fire, melted the tires, caught what fuel was left on fire, burning it all to the ground on 16L and totally ruining the schedule for the entire US Northwest for 3 weeks in RL and parked at Q12!

Thanks for flying with LYFTinUBER folks, may the odds forever be in your pilots’ favor.

DO NOT try this at home people, I got lucky


That is…quite the story.


One of the most entertaining posts I’ve ever read, bravo!

For a even higher descent rate, put the gear down, your passengers will be pinned to the ceiling!


@Vari2ty would be impressed with you, well done sir.


I had to add something else as you read it lol. Not only no flaps but my wing flex would have been like an Imperial shuttle from Star Wars lol and burned a hole in 16L

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Ahhh yes, my typical approach! Well done sir


No alone, are you my young padawan :-)

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This is made me laugh so hard!!! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

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Wow that was just… wow 👏👏😂😂

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Pfffft, this was quite the story! I guess some of us aren’t alone in our conquest to take to the skies while being distracted by life.

Stay safe out there! Levet out 🤣


Lol, I think I cried!

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You got one hell of a sense of humor, I love post’s like these. See ya around 🤣


You know what they say: A good landing is one you can walk away from!


Wait until you have small kids with an impeccable sense of timing. They somehow know when your on final approach, within a minute of touchdown, and they run up to you, grab your arm and shout: "watcha doing daddy?? Watcha doing??!!


The worst is when your Ipad is connected to your phone and the mrs rings short final.If you see on final and I dissapear for a brief moment you know what happened 😏

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That is one heck of a story! Great story, and great humor! I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. See you in the skies! :)



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Haha 😂 I cant count how many times i’ve oversped my landing because of getting side tracked

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I feel your pain kind sir! In my 50s myself I cannot remember how many times I have flown past my final destination only to nose dive to get the job done. I usually get burned due to the influence of the SWMBO varient. (She who MUST be obeyed!).

These days I enjoy the safety of the Casual Server. The easy way to retain Level 5 whilst still performing Honey Dos!


I’m still trying to process all that I just read.


Lol, my kids now are at the age where when your flying they have the timing to message all at once," Dad, can I have $20; DAD, I want this game; Dad check out this video lol. If it’s not that, it’s a cat nudging your hands or jumps on your lap where you can’t see

After working this weekend Uber driving mainly at the ATL airport doing pickups and drop offs (our staging area where we park and wait is in between runways 10/28 and 9R/27L) I’m really wanting to fly but it seems everyone at home has missed me lol and wants to do something ; talk about getting a “violation” if I fly lol. Plus gotta couple of auditions to do (btw anyone ever watch Airplane Repo?) wink.