How the pilots choose their call sign?

Hello all ;-)

Since a long time ago now, I ask myself how the pilot choose his call sign. I know that usually they choose the Airline Call Sign + The flight number.

But yesterday for example, the flight EK84 from Geneva to Dubai, has this call sign :


And two days ago, it was :


So why this A if we know that in the day there’s only one EK84 flight ?

(To people who don’t know, UAE is the call sign of Emirates, pilot Says EMIRATES84)

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They get told by dispatch

They print out a sheet of paper in the cockpit pre-flight with all necessary information :)


Yeah by the clearence frequency, but why adding an Alpha, or something else ? ;-)

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Because for example if you have a Lufthansa 334 and a Lufthansa 332 you’d hear DLH33… so often that it’s simpler (and safer especially in crowded airspaces, like Europe) to give one of them another callsign (Lufthansa 3PN for the LH334 for example)


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