How the moderator came moderator?

Hi I was wondering how do moderator came moderator and how they get in the staff like:
(I know there some that are not moderator but they are in the staff)
And etc


I ate pixie dust and then ended up being here. Not sure what happened in-between


To become a moderator you must pass a list of tasks:

  1. Fly faster than Mishaix Campos, champion of the IF Landing Competitions
  2. Beat Cameron Alonsix in an app development process
  3. Find Bug A38, hidden somewhere in Discourse code by Sebastilix the Swede
  4. Fly the X-Cub to 42‘000ft and beat Laura Labanix in a circumnavigation of the world
  5. Survive 3 hours in a Boeing vs. Airbus thread

There are 7 more, but they’re a secret that’s only revealed to you once you found the holy grail that’s hidden somewhere in the Infinite Flight warehouse which is located at a secret location.

But honestly, when I was asked to become a moderator it really was a surprise, I didn’t expect it. I was just active on the IFC, contributing content I thought it might help others and I was being myself. It’s the Staff members who pick the mods. There isn’t an official process to become one 😊


Don’t forget that you have to drive 15 hours in one direction to hang out with the team too ;)

Flashback: Mod Meetup 2017 🙌