How the landing count (and other) stats work

You can view your live stats by pressing on your name in the top corner followed by the (i) icon next to your grade. This will bring up your live stats. I see many posts from new IF players regarding their stats or why their landing count is dropping or general questions on how it works. (See How can I find my grade table? for more information)

Some stats are based on a period of time and are listed next to the stat themselves. For this example we will focus on the valuable landings count which shows it is for the past 90 days.

The yellow cells indicates 90 calendar days. The 90 day stats count is a “rolling” 90 day window. In the top example, on June 1st we can see that for 90 days in the past there were a total of 18 landings. March 4th was the 90th day and had 3 landings logged that day.

The bottom chart, on June 2nd since the 90 day “window” shifted, the 3 landings on March 4th dropped off. Since there were no new landings on June 2nd, the total landing count dropped from 18 to 15. It may seem simple to some but this can be confusing to many who are trying to improve their stats.


The same logic works for all other calendar based stats. If you receive a violation for speeding today, simply wait a few days and it will eventually fall off. Stay active and keep at it and your grade will hopefully improve over time.



Brilliant post to accompany the last one. Thanks, Chris!


This is really useful 😃. So often this has to be explained to people, now you’ve made this it should help alot of people

What ultimately defines a landing? Do all gears have to hit the ground? What parameters do you need for a landing to be counted?

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Outside of an official wording from the devs, over time many of us have found that to get a landing :

  • All gear must touch.
  • You need to spend a few seconds on the runway.
  • You need to be going slow enough. Theres no set speed that I am aware of but if you are going 150kts and touch down and right back up again chances are it will not count.
  • Multiple touches on the same approach do not count. Don’t try to hop down the runway to pick up landing counts.

Things happen and from time to time a landing has not been recorded for whatever reason. Suck it up and do another pattern.


I’ve seen this so many times. It’s both hilarious and ridiculous.


Thanks for the great tutorial Chris

Thanks for posting another fantastic tutorial. It really helps!