How the Coronavirus is Saving the Environment - One Cancelled Flight at a Time - (DM to Continue Discussion)

Hey guys! I made a quick video about some positives that have been discovered firm the corona virus. Please note that I am not saying the virus is a good thing, but it is causing affects that are helping the environment. May all those who’ve been affected by this fatal virus stay safe.


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Makes sense. I guess.

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There’s evidence to prove it. :)

Very good video and well made.

However, CO2 emissions caused by Aviation make up only about 2% of the annual global CO2 emissions worldwide. Corona virus also the final nail in the coffin for Flybe, which caused many people to lose their jobs.


Yes along with the aviation industry the shipping and packing industry has also been affected due to a lot of cases in China which in turn minimizes a lot to C02 emissions from vehicles but still has not reduced the amount of cars on the road

I’d beg to differ; citizens in cities of China that are under lockdown have claimed that going outside feels like the walking dead. It’s pretty much a ghost town.

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I do not agree. We have lost one airline become of this. it is helping the environment, yes, but when is there a time to say hey if we don’t do something than when are we ever. If china and all people of the world work together and fight we will win the war. We have already one the first round but the other rounds are unpredictable. So we need to work together for people and airline industry and for the memory of flybe.

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That may be because of everything else that they do there. There’s no way aviation pollutes the entire world.

Not attacking anyone, just my opinion :)

Nice video 👍


I don’t believe anything (especially planes and cars) is harming the environment except for obvious things like Hong Kong and New Delhi where people just do things that go above and beyond as far as bad air quality goes.

Again, just my opinion :)


I agree to that

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I’ve lived in Hong Kong before (I’m half Hongkonger after all) and have to say that it isn’t half bad there, especially when you live near the mountains like I did.

Most of the haze and pollution usually comes from Shenzhen (and other provinces in China) and blows over to Hong Kong.


I visited Beijing in August 2019 for the first time in 3-4 years and I gotta say, the city improved a ton.

For one, it was actually sunny and not smoggy in the city areas. When landing in PEK, I was actually able to clearly see the terminal.

Even the streets were noticeably cleaner compared to the last time I visited.

Despite the virus obviously causing a worldwide crisis, there’s still good things coming out of it, such as the decrease in CO2 emissions. Hopefully China recovers soon and safely opens up again with flights resuming as it’ll be interesting to see the new conditions there.

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After 9/11 the three days of no flights in the US scientists noticed the surface temperature was impacted due to the lack of contrails. This lead to some studies regarding the impact of aviation.


Source please


Problem is, the main source of pollution is the things we drive everyday expect for electrical cars.

Facts are fun, opinions are not. The facts don’t confirm your opinion.


Let’s focus on the people because people are causing the pollution. Not the airlines

Can you please state your source

There are a lot of studies out there. While the three days may or may not have made a difference it has led to research.


People manage airlines, and airlines have airplanes. People fly the planes provided by the airline, and planes pollute.

I don’t see your point?

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