How the Alaska Airlines merger will affect flyers

Hi there :D this is about whats going to happen to virgin america flyers (because some people didn’t want to read it : /)


Please try to put more useful information in your topics.

Greetings are pretty useful! 😅


There are heaps of these topics already :-/

Watched this bad chicken take off today


lol i was on the maiden flight for that aircraft (before the repaint) but isn’t this sorta off topic?

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Theres topics about whats going to happen to the virgin amarica flyers?

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Put it on one main topic

Know what this has hate :c so I feel bad… I really lost hope that i can talk to people :(

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That’s okay, now slowly scroll up the screen and click the Lil flag Botton, then click ‘Other’ then say duplicate, then click send…Simples

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There’s heaps already. People keep posting them.

Just post on a topic already made, don’t create a new topic and get this topic closed :-)

lol but this is the aftermath (its done and there telling us what’s going on) but thats a lot dang XD lol

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Yeah they should be merged @Carson

The merger isn’t even confirmed. Only that Alaska Air Group now owns Virgin America.

(If this is a reply to me) I didnt say they went full on merge lol
(Sorry if intended to someone else)

And you made 6 of them lol

Lol I just felt like updating them so ehh I really don’t care

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