How tall is my airspace?

Wen I’m controlling tower, I can’t see the blue text in the top right of the screen telling me what my airspace is. Where can I find that information? I plan on applying for IF ATC soon, and I’ll need that information for my practical. Please help!
(In case this helps:)
Device: IPhone 5s
IOS: 9.3.3
IF version: current
I’ve had this problem since the march update of 2016

Don’t exist anymore. They use 5500 ft msl

For all airspaces?

I think so.

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Although for class bravo I think they start it from the second ring.

Ok. But all airspaces go up to 5500 now?

That’s what I saw when someone else asked about it.

In this it says 5000. Also an IFATC scout told me it now extends to 5000 feet everywhere.

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@Sagar_Vinod has the correct answer :)

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