How strong can the Winds Be?

So I took a Qatar 777 from Doha-Miami, it should’ve been a 15-16 hour flight. I departed at 12:45 EST last night and went to bed for 9 hours. When I woke up to check on my flight I flew very little and it still showed that I had 13 hours left into my flight. Is it supposed to be like that because of very strong winds?

Might be because of winds. You should always check that you have enough fuel to battle any headwinds you may have on your way to your destination. I’ve had some pretty rough headwinds before, burns fuel so quickly!

How strong were the winds when you awoke though? They must of been extremely strong.

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No way even with strong headwinds cruising at Mach .83-.84 he should have made further progress. Something isn’t right at all.


About 60-70knt head wind but I prepared for that

Did you turn NAV mode on before going to bed?

I even used simbrief and checked windy

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What’s your callsign?

Qatar 7 77 Heavy there are two others though with the same one

What’s your Display Name?

Snow Cone is the name.

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How in the world did you fly over 5,000nm and only end up there, compared to where you originated?

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I’m currently north of LGAV about 4hrs from Doha i think

Can you screenshot your Flight Plan? It appears there’s an issue there after looking this up in LiveFlight.

I know, you’re over Istanbul right now, yet the distance it says you’ve flown and your track do not match up…at least on liveflight.

Well If you slept for 9hr and are only 4hours from your departure airport, something is not right, put a screen shot of your flight here.

Your FPL has some flaws and it’s likely you circled numerous times instead of a more direct flight path.

Always review your completed FPL and look for flaws such as distance to destination.

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Your flight plan in the game. The ones shown in liveflight are almost never accurate compared to your filed plan in the sim.

I know that If I get a system notification it pauses my position in the game until I dismiss it. Could it be possible that you had one, and you dismissed it when you woke up?

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If his NAV was trying to hit every waypoint and misses then it’s likely his aircraft tried to double back to get on track again.