How Storms Can Work In Infinite Flight

It would be cool then your device would explode.


Thats why we have graphics setting, so if your device is bought of of metro PCS for 20$ you can turn it to low to make sure it dont explode.


Unfortunately, this would take a pretty massive amount of RAM to physically produce onto a mobile device itself…


Ok, this has been said multiple times i am sure most of us got it by now…


Point being, it’s not a good feature request as it is near impossible to do on a mobile sim.


Well, true, this is just giving ideas if any weather would be implemted to IF, maybe with a PC version of IF we could see this without any trouble.


While were at it, Lets add moving cars to all roads. It would sure be cool, but its not going to happen in the near future.


Cars can be assosiated with 3D buildings, still a long ways away just like these storms i want implemented into the game.


Love Pecos Hanks Channel. Sub’d to his channel 1 week after the EL Rino/Tim Samares tragic incident. But yes, hopefully we will see storms like this in IF, although this would probably be in the far far future lol.


Yeah, if clouds aren’t being added into Global, then there’s a great (sarcasm) chance this will get added as well. Also, all of us are perfectly happy with the current features coming to the sim. Clouds will be enough once they come imho.


Urr RAM won’t help if your processor is terrible.
What a wonderful idea


Love the idea. This should totally be added. But, it would take a lot more data for I.F. users. I dont care but I still love this idea

Bumping this. Maybe they could implement this in solo (obviously without clouds.)

You watch Pecos Hank?!?!?!?! He’s like my fav youtuber!

Maybe SOME clouds would be nice lol

I agree, it’s gonna lag out so bad

Nice idea! This is the problem:
Showing infinite flight to a friend:

Friend: Look at that storm looks so real! Try flying in it!

Me: So cool it’s after the new update.

Friend: look the clouds are even coming out of the iPad!

Me: uhh mam, I think I need a new iPad…

Would be hard to handle for the devices although they did manage to make global work.

I think we could talk about this on:

It has been discussed and debated on this topic.

This is more of a display of how it can work, not really a feature request :)

Could you provide an explanation on why it is in #features then? Maybe it is there by mistake?