How should I taxi on live in Beta?

So I just spawned in at KLAX, and I just realized that I can’t see any of the aircraft, so how do I make sure I don’t ram into any of the other aircraft.

Pay attention to your mini map and turn on airplane dots.


What is your aircraft count?

Very high.

Ok it turns out I can only see other beta testers.

Could be that the others don’t have beta.

Just watch on the mini map and if there is a square maintain a distance. If others taxi into you that means they can’t see you.

Make sure to remember that users without beta will not be able to see your aircraft if you are using a livery that wasn’t there before.

P.S any questions you have with beta, please put here:

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Use your map. They’ll show up on the map whether you see them or not. 🙂