How should I start doing Long-Haul Flights

Hello everyone,

I want to start doing Long-Haul Flighs. So there are any tips for starting doing that ?

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Do them while you’re sleeping and land in the morning don’t go to sleep until you at cruising altitude and use
for your flight plans works all the time for me


Ethan is right. If I am doing a short long haul 8hr flight I take off late at night…set my alarm in time for top of decent and land without issue. Climb and decent is the most critical parts…getting violations is easy if you don’t pay attention.


As Ethan mentioned, you can do long hauls overnight, but you can also do them during work or school. Take off in the morning, land when you get home. Saves you from having to do an emergency descent if you sleep in ;)



I would recommend taking a look at this:


i would recommend starting by taking off


I suggest charging the phone first🤣

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Actually i was planning on doing a ultra long-haul starting this evening its going to be 23hr 30min A350-900 im going to sleep on the flight wakeup in the morning ive a busy weekend il check my phone 2hrs before i land i know il be ready my phone would be on charge all the times…

You’re starting big 😂

For a flight that long, try putting 100% fuel but no passengers.
If you run out of fuel, you’ll be really disappointed…

Friend’s advice


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