How should I record my takeoff?

I’m flying to Chile and I’ll be taking off at dawn from SAEZ, so I need to know what should I use to record the taxi and takeoff, my phone or a regular camera?

Well, that’s you’re decision, use what it’s convenient for you or more easy to use.🤔

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I’m talking more about recording quality, which one should be best?
My phone records at 1080p and the camera at 720p, but the recording gets too grainy on the first one when in low light environments.

When I record landings I just press my phone camera up against the window and hold it as still as possible.


Camera phones can sometimes struggle in low light conditions compared to digital cameras.
I’d take the camera at 720p over the higher resolution phones any day.

I’ll use the camera then. Thanks.


I’m flying IKA->SVO soon and I’ll record that with a phone. Done it a few times. Just put it on flight mode.
I’ll make a tutorial on that soon.

Forgot to put that I’m travelling tomorrow.

Flight mode is for takeoff and landing, not for recording.

I imagine you’ll probably get a smoother recording with the digital camera too.

I’ll use the camera then. Why do they have smoother recording at low ligtlht levels?

I more meant regarding the quality- 720p is likely to have a higher framerate than 1080p. It all depends on the quality of the camera to be honest.

I use my phone. I say it’s faster to get out before takeoff roll.

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i use my ipad cause my camera sucks. check out my videos here

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I’m taking off at dawn, not at noon, so the quality will be worse at that time.

no. as long as you use a good camera or phone, it should be fine.

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Well check my most recent review of my flight, I used my phone camera, but don’t use it at night it’s just pitch black

I got something to recommend. When recording with the phone do it length wise so people can see a bit even though you got the middle of the window. All else is amazing and hope you had a great flight.

I’ve already recorded the landing. It was a good flight.

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Though its kind of hard to hear anything.