How should I improve realism?

Hello,It’s me again,I was wondering if anybody has any advice for me to take infinite flight to the most realism like exactly what they do (ex,after takeoff heading and all)like YouTube channel pilots and for approach they use heading mostly like what pilots shows



Are you asking for like realistic FPLs and flights or am I reading this wrong?

Yes almost everything pilots do

Well you can use checklist to start up the aircraft to make it more realistic, also IF Asstiant the all is a good one to download, get FPLs online from like Flight Aware, study Altitudes used from FR24 on the flight and also go from airports with IFATC for the best realism. That’s pretty much the most realistic your going to get


Ok thx for your help

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Accomplishing realism took a lot of trial and error for me. When I started out, I climbed at +7000fpm and had no idea what my cruise altitude should be, what waypoints to use, how much fuel I needed, etc. Today, about a year later, I’m much more professional and realistic with my flights. Here’s a basic rundown of how I plan and perform my flights…

Stage 1 - Planning

This is probably the most time consuming stage. I begin by deciding what route I’m going to fly. Typically it’s to/from an airport with IFATC. If I know a flight that fits my time range (the amount of time I want to set aside for flying), then I’ll go to FPLtoIF, make a plan, and go. If it, I’ll use the random flight generator. From there, I pick a gate suitable for my aircraft (utilizing personal knowledge, and online resources). Once I’m spawned in, I paste my generated flight plan and get going.

Alternatively I use SkyVector. I won’t go into detail about that here, but I did make a tutorial about using it (link at the bottom).

Stage 2 - Flying

Once I’m ready for pushback, I’ll follow proper ground procedures (check out IF Checklists for more on that) and make my way to the runway. From there, I takeoff (after requesting), climb at an initial rate of around 2300fpm, using speeds depicted in the climb profile for FPLtoIF. Once I’m cruising, I’ll leave my device and go live my life, coming back periodically to check in.

Stage 3 - Descent

Once I see I’m getting close, I’ll calculate my TOD to make sure I’m Atleast at FL100 by 25nm away (FL of cruise-100/3+25), and also calculate my rate of descent (M•1000•3). I make my descent, land, taxi to a gate that can hold my aircraft, and disconnect.

Like I said, getting to where I am now too a lot of trial and error. But, using resources such as tutorials here on the IFC, and google searches has helped tremendously in being more professional. (PS, sorry for the Gettysburg address 😂)

Helpful Links


One small thing for realism that is easy but a lot of people don’t do that, use for the most time the airline and rhe aircraft that is also used in real life. I often see flights like Korean Air 747 from Amsterdam to London, that doesn’t make sense to me. Or use a generic plane and not some exotic liveries on the wrong continents.

@Trevor_A and @DiamondGaming4 did a great job on covering it all, only thing I would add is try using real life SID’s (standard instrument departure) for your departures and STAR’s for your arrivals (standard terminal arrival route) .

Below is an example of a STAR, this one being specifically for Auckland International Airport

This is awesome thank you. is amazing.

Please can you explain to me what this means

Climb profile

Thank you

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250 knots below 10,000, 300 from 10,000 all the way to 28,000, and mach .78 at cruise


Make a account for SimBrief and make flight plans on it. Then copy the XML thing to FPL thing mentioned above.
Cuz if you make it from the FPL website, you won’t know what SID and STARS they gave u.
And remember Airac 1703 is out dated so names of SID and STARS maybe different and sometimes hard to find!

[quote=“naro, post:11, topic:266364”]
and mach .78 at cruise
[/quote] not always…

You could follow charts, follow SIDs when departing and STARs when arriving. Fly real routes, with the plane used irl

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