How should i handle this next time?

Hi! I was just flying from shanghai to amsterdam on expert server. Everything was fine until i had to do a goaround due to my bad landing skills. After goaround atc said that airport isnt accepting incoming traffic and made me fly one direction at 10k feet and the to tune out of the frequency. So i fly for a bit and think maybe ill be able to approach but no. Then again i wait and fpr third time i ask for an approach and then the atc gives me a report for spam. Im not here to complain about the atc as they are much more experienced than me at IF. So could someone tell me how can i avoid this situation next time? Thanks!


do you know who the approach controller was ??

Who was the controller and PM them as to why you got reported.

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After that, you are clearly not supposed to approach the airport again. The best option is to divert to the nearest airport :)


Guys, before replying, read this:

The contact the controller is not a guide to avoid similar situations.


This is…odd. Even if the traffic is very very heavy, it’s rare that a go around aircraft would be refused back into the airfield. Im guessing ( but may be wrong) that the controller mistook you for an aircraft trying to do pattern work. You can contact the controller (Find him in your logbook) to enquire.

But to answer your question, unfortunately there isn’t much you could have done. IFATC have the power, so when you were refused entry, you have no choice but to divert.

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So ill contact mjhendo then?

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If you want your ghost reversed, then yes.
Remember to be polite and patient, and explain everything as clearly as you can. You might have to wait until he’s done controlling before he can reply.

Note that the controller has the final say, so a reversal isn’t guaranteed. However, it should be a good learning experience nonetheless.

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Okay thank you so much

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Another question, that is related to the Amsterdam freqeuncy today… i requested MAYDAY fuel with 21 minutes fuel remaining, but the controller took me on a very long approach pattern used by the other aircraft…

I wouldve thought that the command would mean IRL situations to get the plane on the ground without delays…

I know that i should have diverted but i feel that taking me all around the airport was not that right…

I had that in gatwick once i had 3mins fuel left after the approach and then the atc tells me to goaround and to comply with rules or ill be ghosted (i ended crashing on a field)

It seems like that command has no effect on the ATC procedure…maybe something can be done…

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Everything is fine i contacted the atc and he admitted making a mistake and confusing me for a patternflier he is going to reverse the report.
Thanks to the amazing community!


21 mins is quite long, depending on the queue you can get to the ground in about 10-15 mins

ik, but the controller took m around the airport, which took up the span of the fuel, and i was in a slow and heavy loaded 747-8, turning tight corners, burning extra fuel to keep up speed

“Off to bed, but send Seb a message to reverse your ghost. Hopefully it’s not too long until that happens. Apologies for the inconvenience I’ve caused!” He sent me this anyone know who Seb is (im new to this) :)

@schyllberg is the person you should message, but I am sure he will reverse it as soon as he is sees this tag. Make sure you provide callsign and username :)

Okay thanks

I just have a question, after you had to go around when you contacted approach did you say “Callsign requesting vectors to any runway at Amsterdam schipol” or did you say “Callsign exciting missed approach”

I know the ghost is getting reversed, but if you didn’t use the exciting missed approach that could be the cause of the confusion

For future reference, if you have that little fuel left you should have diverted quite some time before. At busy airports there is always the risk of a go-around even if the controllers are trying to make way for you, and if you will not be able to do that without running out of fuel then you should not be attempting the approach in the first place. Always give yourself reserve fuel for headwinds and holding patterns, and even more reserve for diverting should it become necessary.