How safe is KOAK and its surrounding areas?

Didn’t see any other topic about this and I want to fly from KOAK soon.

Hey IFC,

As many of you know, KSJC (Norman Mineta International Airport/San Jose International Airport) is my home airport and we live not too far away from the popular KSFO as well. There is a third airport, KOAK, that is not too far away from where we live as well.

KOAK (Oakland International Airport) is located in Oakland, California in Alameda County, California. Oakland, California is known for its crimes and gangs. I have been to the city a couple times, and everywhere, there is graffiti on many buildings. There are many metal gates in front of doors and the city just looks flat out ugly.

My Mom does not like to use KOAK to travel, even though it can be cheaper than KSJC or KSFO. She says that the city the airport is located in is too dangerous. This summer, we are planning to go to KSLC for a vacation. KSFO and KSJC are both too expensive and if we use KOAK with Delta Airlines, we can save $80 a person and there are 4 of us (me and 3 others).

So I want to ask anyone in this community who has flown to KOAK before because I have not used KOAK to travel at all in my life.

How safe is KOAK and its surrounding areas?

I have only been to the airport once in my life, but that was to drop off my aunt a few years back. I have never been in their terminal.



I’m sure if you just go straight to the airport and continue to the gate and get on the plane, you’ll be just fine. Just don’t go into the neighborhoods for a Parking spot.

EDIT: Well actually, I’d the Raiders can’t stand Oakland, then I would avoid the area! Lol.


That leaves me to the next question?

Should my family use KOAK to go to KSLC? KOAK is the cheapest out of KSFO and KSJC, but we have never used KOAK before.

  • Use KOAK, it will save a lot of money.
  • Don’t use KOAK, it’s too risky.

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But what about a parking spot for the car? We normally drive to airports and then leave our car in a parking spot like at a hotel or something like that.

(With the parking reservation of course)

KOAK has a lot of parking spots. Just park there.

What about the surrounding areas? Sometimes, we don’t park directly at the airport itself since it charges too much money.

You will be in a car/inside for the travel to the airport so I don’t see the risk. Also, when you realize how dangerous the neighborhood where Chicago Midway is in, KOAK will be a walk in the park.


Idk, my Mom always complains how “unsafe” KOAK is because of its surrounding areas. She would never allow us to use the airport even if it is cheap. That is why I am asking the community.

The way I see it, there is absolutely no risk if you don’t walk around the nighborhood. Going to the airport, you will be in a car. Inside the airport, there will be armed security officers and a lot of people, so again, there is very little risk of crime.


Thanks for your opinion,

Do you have any way I could tell my Mom to convince her? She is very against KOAK.

Tell her to use the $80 per person she would be saving to hire armed security guards to go with you.

(obviously don’t hire security, but I think this gets the point across)


There’s nothing wrong with KOAK. I flew into there once. It’s a gorgeous airport. I would do the parking garage. I wouldn’t trust other parking areas though. Or you could just go the easy way and do UBER.


On a more serious note, show her this to prove the airport itself is safe:

Then, remind her you are going to be in a car service from your safe neighborhood until you get to the airport.

Then, remind her about the money you will be saving.

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Crimes rarely happen at airports, and at a pretty big airport like Oakland, security should be there

If youre saving 80 per person for four people, youre saving 320 dollars, thats a good amount when youre flying to KSLC…

Nothing bad will happen (i hope) and you should be fine

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SoCal has it’s share of dangerous airports. Like KCPM which is in Compton. I’ve had to do training there and let me tell you, it’s a shady neighborhood. But, it’s a nice airport.


Any crimes happening around KLAX? I have been to that airport multiple times.

If there are crimes, I could tell my Mom that

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If you don’t like parking at the airport because it cost lots the money you can use the $320 you save flying from KOAK to pay for parking as there is always CCTV and you don’t have to leave the highly safe airport grounds. Just think CCTV = Safety which means no gangs can get away with anything dodgey.
I haven’t flown from KOAK before but I use the idea of CCTV = Safety when walking around dangerous areas of Glasgow. You just always stay in view of CCTV when you feel like your in danger. Trust me on my idea of staying safe as I have to go though some bad areas to get home from school and I have seen dodgey things but never in view of CCTV.

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And I guarantee you that the parking won’t come close to $320, daily garage is $24/day and economy lot is $18/day.

I have flown in and out of KOAK a plenty of times, a good 6-7 miles outside of the airport is really nice and modern and clean, KOAK is also very nice and modern on the inside so I recommend it totally.

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We will be gone for 1-2 weeks