How’s the parking? You be the judge

Hello IFC, my Co-worker and I had a little bet on who could park an airplane better. One of the parking jobs is mine and the other is his. It’s either going to be photo 1 or Photo 2 but I’m not going to say which photo is which


I would make a poll, but Photo 1 is better in my opinion.

They’re different? Looks like the same parking job to me… in fact it looks like the same photo


I think the top is better, bust because it is milletrically closer to the centerline.

Agree, it is the same photo.

I’ll be honest I can’t spot a single difference between the 2… do you think you posted the same photo twice?

I mean, there’s even a spec of dirt on the ground in the same place in both of them.


There different I promise. I’ll ad some other photos maybe it be fair than

Are you a pilot for spirit?

No I am not

Oh. I see.

Now that’s some great parking! I’m gonna go with the second one, it seems better. Just me? Probably.

I think the second one is better to, nice!

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Both engine cones are at the exact same rotation.

The cord coming from the chock is in the exact same position.

The reflections on the fuselage, engines (and everywhere else for that matter) are identical.

The camera is at the exact same angle, focus, and zoom.

The ship number on the front gear doors looks to be the same.

I’ll say this… If they are 2 different photos, then someone went to quite a bit of effort to copy the other, and that person has some serious talent. Which ever photo was taken later gets my vote.


The lights on the horizon are also the same.

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They look like they’re almost the same aircraft. Look at the background, everything is identical.

Yes, that’s what I thought.

I was thinking the same thing…

One of you two may have a future in photography setup 😂

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The camera is actually in a slightly different place, a little lower in the second. Either a lot of coincidences fell into place, or I think it may just be two different pictures of the same setting…

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I just noticed the files have different sizes when you download them. You might be right. Lol, I don’t know what to say…

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Sorry fellow Pilots I don’t see it.