How’s the new animated cockpit in the A320?

I haven’t received the update yet.

Well the update has come out for both iOS and Android so you should be able to update it

Refresh your Update page on the App Store

I haven’t updated my phone is probably why.

What phone do you have?

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iPhone 8 but it’s time for a new one. Honestly I was gonna base my entire decision around this game haha

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What iOS are you on @EAG-711?

I thought the google phone was the best one for IF? But how’s the XR anyway??

I got it now. I updated my App Store as someone said above 😅

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iPhones usually have a stronger processor with more efficiency in ram management. I will go for iOS devices in terms for Infinite Flight use. Just my personal preference.


The XR has the Liquid Retina display and can with stand full graphic settings

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NO do ntbet an XR the XR is only capable for 720. If you get an XS you will be able to run 1080. The XR is a rip-off. You know how on YouTube and you load 720 nf sometimes 1089. Well the XR is taking all that uploading time and your not even getting 1080. If that makes sense lol

Just want to drop a quick note about the XR. Liquid Retina only means that there is pixel masking technology allowing the edges to be rounded.

We seem to be getting slightly off topic here. So we should maybe make this an end to the XR…

Yup. Is Apple geeks know a thing or two. Thanks @iOS_Aviator

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I get 1080p on my XR

It says 1080 but trust me it’s not

The problem has been fixed. No need to discuss details regarding a totally different phone.