How return to parking?

Hello everyone, I have had this situation. After a pushback request, I had a problem with an adjacent application, without which I can’t fly, I need it for a subsequent report in my VA. I asked the dispatcher to return to the parking lot, but he naturally did not understand me and gave the command to steer onto the runway. I understand him and have no complaints against him, but what about this situation if I need to return to the parking lot after pushback or during taxiing? Thanks!

I would keep asking or say stand by then ask again that would help me understand if I was the controller.

Did I understand correctly that I should ask stand by, then taxi to parking?

Correct, so that tells him that you are not taxing anymore.

The way I did this a whilst back is change my callsign temporarily. It is very difficult for a controller to get their head round when controlling a busy airport. I can’t remember what I changed it to. Something like ‘TAXIPARK’ or similar.

Ok, thanks more, now I get it!

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