How realistic is Infinite Flight?

I have a question for real life pilots. How close is infinite flight to flying a real plane? I mean like the autopilot settings and the trim and flap settings.

It is as close you are going to get on an iPad/iPhone. It is great, but don’t raise your hand if they ask someone to land the plane on your next flight!


I am not a real life pilot but I’ve logged quite a few hours on a full motion 777 sim. In terms of cockpit layout it is spot on and the AP is pretty close. The physics are pretty far off though as they’re very different to the actual thing. Trim and flap pretty similar. But as said above for an iPhone/tablet app this is an amazing achievement.


To me: It is as close as you can get to a prefect flight sim on mobile. Yes there are flaws and such but you have to over look them. Tuning a new heading every time when you come up to a way point isn’t all realistic as most planes have VNAV and LNAV capabilities to follow the path. The flaps are realistic. You just have to know when to put them down but there are plenty of websites out there to find that. The trim in my opinion is prob the most un-realistic thing in the sim.


Probably as realistic as a car racing game is to actually driving.


That is actually a perfect analogy

From my experience in a 172, not too off. ATC communication (to me) is the biggest adjustment


TBH, the C172 is the worst plane in IF. It doesnt fly like the real one


Did you hear they are more than likely adding VNAV and LNAV to the global update! I’m so excited

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Yes I did. It is gonna be amazing

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It will be more realistic when your throttle does not cut out.

Global will put IF realistic like never before


It’s great except for the scenery (buildings, trees mountains, dynamic weather…

Also one other thing working cockpit instruments.

Other than that, best simulator on mobile/tablets ever!

You can’t compare holding an iPad with basic controls to Flying real world commercial aircraft.

It’s exactly like comparing FIFA on xBox to real world soccer. Is sitting on the couch with your controller and winning the World Cup in any way, shape, or form, close to, or even remotely comparable to, actually being out on the field and playing the actual World Cup…?


IF is awesome! But the autopilot is a bit too aggressive with the throttle and flight controls IMO. Most of the GA aircraft are realistic enough to compare it with real life, but the bigger jets are IRL way more advanced. But remember there are updates coming every once in a while!

The instruments aren’t really that important to me.


Fun fact, this game takes up 3/4 of my storage.

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What do you mean with “realistic”?

Flight dynamics? Similarity?

I guess similarity, but not sure… maybe everything except the looks?

I love everyone coming on here, claiming how realistic IF is. Don’t get me wrong, yes it’s a great little simple app for an iPad to play around… but please, most of you are acting like you can jump in a 737 and fly it because you understand how the 5 autopilot buttons work in IF… have you ever even googled an image of an overhead panel?


i actually fly the Airbus 320/319 for a living, its not really close, but its a Mobile sim what do you want?flying is way more complicated then just actually flying the aircraft. Its about the preparation and planning and in flight management that makes flying what it is. Its hard to do all that in a mobile sim.