How people can reserve "EVENT" NOTAM on Expert Server?

Hello guys. I created this topic to ask IFATC controllers and Moderators.

“Event in progress” - mean that there is an event at airport. But how ATC (ATIS) can understand if it’s an event instead of big amount of random players?

• FNF - Official event (all airports have an “Event” NOTAM
• But how about other events which were organized by VAs or VOs?
For the second type I’m suggesting to create an official NOTAM reservation topic.

Event manager or CEO of a VA/VO must contact IFATC controllers/head of the ATC day and write an event details ONLY IF THEY GOING TO DO IT ON EXPERT SERVER AND IT WILL BE AT AIRPORT WITH ACTIVE ATC (MOST TIME OF THE DAY)
The event details must include:
• Time (Zulu)
• Airport ( only which will be under control, and which will be connected with IFATC schedule)
• Amount of planes, aircraft type, liveries and callsigns (if needed)
• spawn gates* (must be free)
• Takeoff runway (if needed)
• Direction: South/North/West/East
• Cruising Altitude and speed (if needed)

I think we need in this to help ATC safe time and to keep traffic flow both in the sky and on the ground


I think people are fully aware if an event is going on or not. The least you could do is check the IFC and recognize which event is taking place.


Yes, but it will be better if IFATC controllers will know about events in airports, which are they at. They don’t need to check all events topics

IFATC controllers are well experienced in the IFC, and I assure you they will know when an event is taking place. The majority of them are on the IFC every week, if not everyday, and are aware of scheduled events.

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I’ll see in 30 mins 😉

IFATC controllers rarely will service specific events, they normally stick to the schedule.

If they open specifically for an event, they know about it and can organise ATIS accordingly.

If they are open because of the schedule and event traffic spawns in, it’s up to them what to do. Event traffic does not automatically get priority, and only they can see what the current flow is looking like, so they can make a decision whether they need to use the ‘event in progress’ or not- remember only the biggest events will affect other traffic much.


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