How Pan Am Declined

Pan Am, was the largest international air carrier in the United States from 1927 until its collapse on December 4, 1991.
What really happened to Pan Am?

This video explains a lot. Pan Am got hit by multiple problems, from oil shortages to Chernobyl. There was nothing they could do about. I just think Pan Am was a very unlucky airline that suffered a lot.


Hmmm. So Pan Am’s decline was caused by tragic economic crisis and oil shortage? Wow !


Also caused by lacking a domestic network (which their main competitors American Delta United Northwest etc…) all had. They also had extremely high maintenance costs due to their aging fleet, especially the 747.


I saw this video a few weeks ago. I watch all of Company Man’s videos, they are very well made.
It is kind of interesting how many gables they took then lost the bet.


This was an amazing TV series, always wondered why it never became popular. Interesting video, explains that some things on TV don’t stay

Also they had a lot of 747s. Too much…


That is good, just being a normal patriotic airline, something airlines now days, cough Delta, don’t do. Airlines should buy from their country. And if you’re American and you got McDonnell Lockheed and Boeing, excellent for you.


Interesting, never knew that that’s what happened to Pan American
Thanks for sharing this!!

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You noticed the Airbus A300 in Pan Am colours right?

I can remember the Lockibe bombing of the B747. Sad times.


Didn’t know that, very interesting.

C. Ed Acker was a visionary with Braniff and Air Florida. Did great things, but industry deregulation put nails in coffins. I was saddened to see the great legacy of Juan Tripp fall. Little known tidbit; PanAm flight attendants were all nurses by profession back in the early days.

It’s a very famous Pan Am incident!

I watched this vid last week and it was really well make so I suggest you guys check it out!

My family knew the first officer Wagner. He lived down the street from them. It was crazy weird when I heard that.

If everyone went by your logic, global trade wouldn’t exist and countries would be much more isolated…

The Pan Am merger with National Airlines under the administration of General William Seawall was a major blow to their finances. Then to make ends meet Pan Am was forced to start selling the family jewels from their pacific routes to the Pan Am building in Manhattan to the Intercontinental Hotel chain and on and on. The December 1988 terrorist bombing over Scotland helped put another nail in an already suffering airline. The “financially troubled Pan American” was mismanaged and buggered by politicians to a disasterous extent after the departure of Juan Trippe.

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Or their early aircraft being Fokkers. Or Juan’s threat to buy Comets from the UK if Douglas of Boeing refused to make their first commercial jets intercontinental in range. It’s not patriotism it’s cash money.