How on earth do you contact specific controllers?

Trying to contact kamaniya re a report, aaaand there’s no obvs way to message them directly…sooo what do you do?

Hello @Richard_Lewis,
You are TL0 therefore you can’t message. Be active on the forum to get your TL up. In addition @kamaniya can contact you :)

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Great…so how am I supposed to contest a report

So I’m supposed to just accept the fact I was reported for not going around even tho I was over the runway when the go around order was issued and was barely given time to apply thrust before I was reported and kicked off the live server?

No, you cannot message right now. You must be basic or higher. The controller will contact you when they are ready. Or optionally, take it up with a moderator

You can discuss that in a PM with Kamaniya. She’d be happy to answer the questions for you :)

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That was not what @Ondrej said :)

I have manually adjusted your trust level now so you’ll be able to send a private message to @Kamaniya.

Make sure you include your callsign & display name and the controller will assist you as soon as possible.


Thanks guys all has been resolved now.


Everyone happy :)