How old would you be if you were a pilot?

If I was a pilot I would be 21
For virgin Atlantic 747-400

Older than 21 because to become a freight pilot I need a four year degree.

True mate but I would start when I was 16

Gotta start young. Good job

Amazing job

you are never too old to become a pilot :) unless your age exceeds the airlines’s requirements :D


Hopefully it won’t, gotta get the degree first though while building up the hours :)

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You actually don’t have to start young. I know of many pilots who didn’t start until their 30’ and even 40’s. The airlines require retirement at age 65.

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True but when I’m 14 to 15 I’ll proboly work for kfc or somthing

Yeah true, I also know some who got into aviation in their late 20s. For LX the max age when applying is 33. LH doesn’t have a maximum age I believe.

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That’s somthing good to hear

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Sounds surreal to me.

Wide bodies have pretty high requirements:

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I have already started to take classes.

To become an airline pilot is very difficult now. We need to have a plan B. So I have planned to become an aeronautical engineer first then pass my ATPL .

If everything goes well, I should normally be able to join AF at the age of 25-26 on the Airbus Short/Medium Haul Fleet.


But isn’t it extremely expensive to get your ATPL doing it by your own?

Yeah true man

Yes of course.

I meant to say that I will then join a flight school (ENAC - École de l’Aviation Civile) to pass my ATPL. ENAC is free but there is of course a very difficult entry test.

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I’ve started some training for private pilots license and I’m 13.

I started my integrated Atpl training when I was 19,oct 2005 and finished at 21, sept 2007. Got my first job flying the A330 aged 23, March 2009.


Where you sponsored by an Airline or self funded?