How Old Were You When You First Played IF?

How old where you when you started IF? And what aircraft did you fly?

I think I flew the Boeing 717-200 for the first time.

And I was 11


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I was 10 when I figured out about Infinite Flight. I always attempted to land at KMDW with a 737-700. I didn’t get pro until last year.

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Same hear I got it Dec of 2018, and then again in Feb 2019.

I was 11 at the time. I usually flew the Delta 717 on short finals at some airport in Europe 😂

That was May 2018

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I think I was 7 and I flew a 737-700 tui-fly in the SFO region from SFO to explosion.

I was either 10 or 11 I think

9 because I played it with my friend but I quit later on xd

Same! I was 11 when I started playing. I think I flew the A333 if I remember well.

I was at the age of 13 by the time I first found Infinite Flight and began playing it. That was back in June 2014.

I only played Solo (until Global launched) and flew in the Malaysia & Singapore region where I always flew Malaysia Airlines 777-200ER or Singapore Airlines 777-300ER.


I had just turned 11 and used my birthday iTunes gift cards to purchase a pro subscription (A little ambitious right) I first flew the A380 in solo mode.

And the rest is history…

I first played IF in 2016 at the KNUC era and I was 12 or 11. But I just saw it as a casual game, so a day months later I discovered there was global 😂😂😂 and now since March 2018 I am an Active player, Grade 4

I must have been 13 or something. I’m not sure what aircraft I first flew though as it was a long time back now

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Thirty-something 😄

Flight Gear mobile never happened and X-Plane mobile is kinda ‘meh’, so I boldly dove into the murky underworld of other mobile flight sims, and I’m glad I did.

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I was five, playing when the 747 only had one livery

I was a mere 11 years old when I started playing :)

Wow well, lemme think, probably when I was about 7 or 8 and was flying solo since live wasn’t out.

I was 8 when I got Infinite Flight!!! That was on December 28, 2014. My first flight was a Solo Approach on a Lufthansa B747 into KSFO. I flipped the plane upside down and crashed!!!

I was 10 when I first started. I’m 15 now.

@MathAviation7 Back in 2014, the 747 only had one livery…

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Started playing back in 2014 without subscription. Bought first subscription in 2016 and since then I have been playing IF.

First flight in a CRJ200 and landed at like 240knots.

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