How old were you on your first flight

I was about 6 months old when i went from KJAX-KSLC with a stop in KATL. I dont remember anything about it and the only reason i know I’ve gone on it is because my parents have told me.

How old were you and what do you remember about the flight that made it good/bad?

I was 14 and I flew from Tennessee to Michigan and later that day flew to Colorado. I have loved flying ever since!

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Hmmm I think I was like 5 (2010 ish) when I flew Spirit from Atlantic City to Fort Myers, what I remember

-Spirit 943 on Thanksgiving morning departing 6AM
-A319 in Grayscale livery
-I think we cruised at 42,000 but that sounds wrong
-we went out and got thanksgiving dinner at a fancy restaurant in Fort Myers


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I think i was about 2 yrs old when i flew Cebu Pacific A320 RKSI-RPLL for my first international vacation. I almost drowned there.

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I was 7 months when I flew from ORD to Montego Bay

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My first flight was when I was 3 months old, on a Britannia 757 from Glasgow to Mallorca back in 1999!

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I wish I could remember what airline my first flight was on. :’(

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Before I was one.

Glasgow to Heathrow business class on my way to Florida. Was probably about 8 or 9

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I was less than 1 years old when my family moved from Toronto to Calgary. Don’t know if we flew WestJet or Air Canada. It was most likely WestJet because we flew them often back then.

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Roughly 18 months old right after 9/11 to England. Was also my moms first flight and my brothers first flight as well

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I was 6 weeks old when I flew in my first flight, United Airlines 757 from KLAX to KIAD and then a United 767 from KIAD to SAEZ

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I was 7 months old when I flew through Dulles from New Orleans.