How old to be on the forum

Hello this may sound stupid but I was wondering what’s the age you have to be to be on the forum because I’ve noticed one user who got band and in the description why it said…

User was to young to be on forum.

Sorry this is just a one off😊

I don’t think there is a age limit. I have seen tons of young people in this fourm. You can find almost everyone from every age group on this fourm. From someone just learning Aviation to someone who is a retired USAF veteran.

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According to TOS, 13 years of age.


The terms of service states that you must be at least 13 years old. However, if you’re really an elephant behind the screen, act like a 13 year old human, don’t tell anyone and you will be just fine.



There is an age limit which is 13 years old. It’s stated here: Terms of Service - Infinite Flight Community
We do not actively enforce this limit though unless we see it as necessary for some users.


Sweet thank you guys a lot that’s helped me clear it up all the best and safe travels. 😆

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