How old Need to use

What is the age restriction app for this game

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What? I don’t understand what you’re saying. Could you describe more?

The sim doesn’t have age restrict, it’s classified as Everyone.


Hi there!

To use Infinite Flight off the app store, there is no age limitations and is available to anyone .

To create an account on the Infinite Flight Community (this place), you must be 13 years of age, otherwise you would be violating the ToS (Terms of Service).

I hope this answers your question! 🙃


In App Store the minimum is 4 years old.

In Infinite Flight Community is 13 years old as said above :)

Actually, there is, despite it not being specified directly from Infinite Flight.

If we are talking about Apple (iOS/iPad OS), you must have an Apple ID/iCloud account to download any application from the App Store. The legal age to have such an account is 13. There are, however, ways around this, such as a parent/guardian creating an Apple ID on behalf of one’s child.

The same applies for a Google Play Store account.

This isn’t true (for both iOS and Android). Not sure where you got this from.

So, to answer the OP’s question, yes, there technically is an age restriction.


Ah, I see. He was referring to Infinite Flight’s age chart. My apolgies.

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Currently, it is not known, or better; it does not have. An age control tool would be nice. for both platforms. Android and IOS

We will probably never see a 4 year old playing Infinite Flight.

though it is possible

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Hey, I got (kinda) close: I was barely 6 according to my download date!

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Outcome: A plane crash.

If we did, we’d never know 😅

A bit young to be flying multi-million dollar machines don’t you think?

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Until they start doing barrel rolls in a 777 on ES at EGLL

If they’re 4 and make it to the expert server let them do barrel rolls 😂😂

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Question answered