How Old is Too Old?

Hello all,
I was just having a discussion with people about the 20.1 updates crashing many users phones and I was just wondering when it comes to phones and Infinite Flight, how old is too old?

  • Four years old
  • Six years old
  • Eight years old
  • 10 years old
  • 15 plus years old

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Also related to the bugs, how long would you allow Infinite Flight to be full of bugs and not usable before a fix is released (which subscription in mind)

  • A day
  • Half a week
  • One week
  • Two weeks

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I’m not entirely sure which category is best for this so change if required.

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Jeez so many votes at once.

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Thanks @anon79257371, I thought it belonged in general but that wasn’t an option.

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What do you mean by the first one?

Well the 20.1 coming up with so many bugs has caused a lot of problems and frustration with the Infinite Flight Community.

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How old do you think your phone can be before it becomes problematic to fly due to say lag or crashing.

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Ah ok, I think 4-6 years

Please don’t comment your answer, use the poll.

Wow, most people don’t mind wasting $2.30 after every update.

Two weeks is pretty short. I would be fine with two months, maybe even six.

Infinite Flight is not my go to game, so it probably depends on the person.


That’s literally wasting $60.

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Bro what phones have even been around for 15+ years?


Phones should be used for 5-6 years (depending on phone model ofc) until they are obsolete

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I can always cancel my subscription.

Bug squashing takes time, and money. Two weeks is too short, especially when it’s the fault of something not in the developers control.

But you cannot get your money back?

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I’d be fine with that. The developers could use that money towards bug squashing.

It’s not like I can’t earn that money from working.

Oh well, enjoy the rest of your day.

My long haul phone was released in 2016 and it still run’s IF fine, although it is really laggy now. I don’t know if it can survive metal because of API version issues.

Actually I think the graphics change to Metal would make it easier on your phone.

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What’s metal?

It’s a graphics API which IF is currently moving to from an older one. It basically does the rendering of the environment and other elements that you see. Vulkan API will be used for Android and Metal will be used for IOS.

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