How old do you have to be to take flight lessons?

How old do you have to be to take flying lessons? Thank you for the help

I guess that depends on the country.

I live in the UK

You can start flight lessons whenever you want, but you can’t solo/ get your license before you turn 15/17.


What does that mean? Can I start taking flight lessons at the age of 13?

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Technically yes, but you can’t get your license until you solo, and you can’t do that until you are 16 (USA)


So you can train for your private license when you’re 16/17? But till then you can fly but not for a license, just for fun?

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In the UK you have to be 14 years of age.

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In the US you can start at any age. The younger the better. Solid foundation and you absorb info a lot better.

I guy I know (737 southwest FO) takes his 8 yr old daughter every weekend(weather permitting) she has already accumulated 30 some logged hrs. For private all you need is 40 hrs, so his plan is to get her commercially ready by her 18th birthday. She will be in the airlines and have her atp by the time she’s 21.

So my advice instead of getting gifts for birthday or Xmas, ask cash and fly one a week even if it’s for an hr. That’s what I did at least. Get a logbook and get each flight signed. Every hr matters.

All the best! :)


To actually take lessons or?

That’s a very good idea. Rather than asking for a sim Pc I could ask for lessons. Thank you

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Wow! Really? Cool!

Thats when you can start getting flight hours for your PPL.

Oh right, when you just do flights, does those hours count towards your PPL? Or not?

As long as you are 14 years of age or older, yes.

I would suggest joining the air cadets because we do a lot of flying like gliding (twice every month we go gliding) we also do GA flights and simulators. We also do lessons to do with flying. You can only do gliding and flying when you are 14.

So, if I was to start at age 13 in the US, at a small airport (9B1, Marlborough Airport, MA) how much (about) would it cost?

The average cost of getting a private pilots license in around $9,000

So, if I was to start at age 13, would I have to pay (about) $9,000 and then get training? Or do I just pay per lesson?

It’s per lesson