How often does infinite flight update?

Sorry my pilots but i cant find a post about this but my question is in the title, Thank you!


Once every 1 to 2 months from my observations. There isn’t any particular schedule so don’t expect there to be 1-2 months between all updates.

There are no specific schedules as to when or how often Infinite Flight updates. It always was, and will always be when they have one ready for release.


i don’t think that they have something like a schedule however i think that they update whenever they think that the next version is ready


The Infinite flight staff team tries to post at least once a month. From what I read!



Thank you!!

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1+ updates

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It really depends on what’s coming out in the update. Usually it’s between one to two months. When the IFATC schedule comes out each month, you can see all the airports for that day. You can inference when the update will come out by seeing airports that are not yet 3D.

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