How often does IF broadcast the UDP packet/how long do you wait before invalidating a device which broadcasted a packet?

So I’ve written my DeviceConnector type which is responsible for finding all devices broadcasting on UDP port 15000. It uses a worker thread to continously poll for new packets every 250ms, deserializes the result, and writes it to a list which is exposed as a read only list, and fires an event notifying that a new device has been detected. Naturally, there is a chance between the packet being broadcasted and the TCP connection being created, there is a chance the device will quit IF and this needs to be handled. However, I want to keep the device list somewhat recent, and so will invalidate devices after a certain amount of time - however, I’m not sure how often these packets are broadcasted, and therefore not sure how long to invalidate them after. is it a fixed interval?

It should be broadcast every 5 seconds whilst the broadcaster is running (which is when the app is running with Connect enabled in settings)

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