How often do you use your Joystick for Infinite Flight?

@Aussie_Wombat what if I have a yoke?

I don’t know how to set it up.

I have the thrustmaster using and ipad 4 and i havent flown a single flight without it since i hooked it up a few months ago. Personally, i find it way easier to fly with it, than without it.

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Agreed, it actually feels awkward to me to flight without it.

True that, a phone is way too small to play IF on haha.

I actually tried playing on my phone after playing being used to my tablet, and no, lets just say it didnt end up well.

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I bought a T Flight Hotas X joystick and throttle for Infinite Flight. It’s not that great of a joystick, and I’ll be getting the Extreme 3D Pro as my next one. I already have a $800 yoke and throttle setup for FSX and P3D, but I couldn’t connect it to Infinite Flight, even if I created another server to run it as it wouldn’t register with LiveFlight Connect.

Same deal :)

Wish I had one 😂
In good time (I hope)

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I have my iPad Pro hooked up to my Apple TV… sooo, it’s really great 😄


I play on my S7, so a joystick would be quite hard to fly with. Especially since the screen is so small compared to a pc or Ipad.

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I’m still trying to get my logitech extreme 3d pro to work with infinite flight. But my stubborn determination has not yet allowed me to ask for help.

And no… I’m not asking for help yet.


It isn’t very responsive when I use mine sadly, I’m an IOS user. #limited


I miss the ‘Don’t have one’ choice in your list…


I’ve never tried it. How do you get your Logitech joystick to connect to the device you play IF on (i.e.: what hardware & software is required)?

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I feel to setup a joystick takes just too much effort and time, and it’s problematic if I want to multitask on my PC because the Joystick takes a lot of table space.

Well - the whole thing was about how often do you use your joystick…

Never (Don’t have one) or Not applicable 😉

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Can you hook up a joystick to Apple TV?