How often do you use your Joystick for Infinite Flight?

👋 there!

I just received my first Joystick for IF - the Logitech extreme 3D Pro, I use it quite a lot. So I’m wondering, at any stage do you bored of flying with a joystick?

BTW This also includes yokes 😉


  • Very Often
  • Quite Often
  • Often
  • Not so often
  • Don’t use it anymore

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If you picked “Don’t use it anymore” : Tell me why. Because I’d really like to know.

I’ve tried multiple times but can never get it to work :(

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What Joystick are u using?

Logitech extreme 3D pro


iOS or android? Which one? 🙃

I play on iOS and struggle to get it to work. And when it does work it randomly disconnects. So I don’t use a joystick as much as I would love to.

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Yeah same. It worked for me at the start, but then just stopped…

I don’t use one at all because I don’t need one.

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iOS 10 I bealvie i could be wrong though

I’ve never regularly used my flight simulator hardware with Infinite Flight. I did a couple flights using LiveFlight Connect with my yoke, throttle quadrant, and rudder pedals, but for my situation it defeats the purpose of using a mobile flight simulator. Firstly, it’s awkward having external hardware with a tiny iPad screen. Secondly, I use Infinite Flight for quick and easy flights (past until present, future TBD).


I use an iPhone whilst playing, so it’s an awkward trying to fly with a joy stick while looking at a 6 inch screen lol

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I don’t think tablet and joystick are a good combination.

I’m with ya. I think it depends on the type of person. Haha.

Mine is good fun, but my landings with it are much harder, and it is a bit of a faff to set up. It is fun tho

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Excactly the same as me 👌

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I have joystick about a month and I am using it everytime I’m flying, so I think everyday :)


I had the Logitech 3D Pro and tried to use it for IF, but as @Tecnam2TA said, it felt awkward with the little screen. I have since updraded to a Saitek Pro Flight Yoke, but I have not tested it with infinite flight.

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How would you connect this to your mobile device?
If you can I’m getting one

Let me put it this way, I don’t fly without one.

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um I picked don’t use it anymore but I never tried using infinite flight with the Joystick