How often do you use the A380?

I used to fly the A380 all the time before global but I rarely use it now. The last time I used it I somehow taxied into an invisible pothole in the tarmac and almost got an acrobatic violation. So that one reason why I don’t fly it. But if that glitch wasn’t there I would for sure fly it all around the world!


I use it pretty often still, probably every few weeks. Love flying it despite its flaws. It could get reworked if you vote for it though!

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Depending on the route, airline, etc. or when I want to be biggest boi in the airport

I never use it due to the fact that the cockpit is so bad.

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Never used since global is released, but i do ever once tried before global. Although A380 is getting retired, this is cool aircraft though

The last time I used this plane (not on solo) was 1 year and a half ago. I never used this plane because it’s really hard to control and cannot go anywhere.

I have never used it on live

I’ve haven’t used it since I got my first sub lol

When I fly the A380, I use it for long routes like for example: KSFO - JFK.

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To be honest, as much of an Airbus A380 fan I am, I rarely use it.


I basiacally use it whatever a route is suitable for it

I currently do not have the time to complete long hauls so I have used this exquisite jumbo jet on a few short flights from Hamad Intl (OTHH) to Dubai (OMDB)

Yeah same here. It was fun before global, but I dont think I really wanna actually fly it 😂


The last time I used it was 2017, after that though, we had aircraft with similar range like the 787, A330, A350, 777 all get added or a rework performed on the aircraft. So why would I use the outdated A380 without many features like live cockpit, wing flex, gear tilt, doors, etc. when I could use something like the planes mentioned above which have the features mentioned to fly the route?

I totally agree… Why would anyone want to fly a outdated and poor quality plane?

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If the A380 was outdated, could the A380 get a rework?

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I’d say it is up on the list of reworked aircraft that really do need one

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a340 needs one realllyyyyy badly

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I’ve used it when a route calls for it and I’ve buttered that super in LAX once. But I definitely agree it needs a major rework and I can just imagine all the landing gears it has being able to tilt

In Terms of Votes we have the 757 with 993 Votes, CSeries with 817 Votes and then the A380 with 722 Votes